Online Booking :

ID Proof registration is required for any reservation for cine pass on the site.

Only Confirmed Cine passes are issued from the website or Counters.

The Tickets for the shows will be issued from the counter of the cinema in exchange for the cine passes issued by associates or in the website.

All the cine passes are valid only till the end of the show.

The holder of the cine pass is to take his identity proof along with the cinepass in printed format to redeem the pass.

Refund :

Refund will not be provided for any confirmed ticket.

All Refunds have to be requested on the website with transaction no:.

Any transactions which have effected you where you have not received a

transaction no: by email or SMS to the registered phone shall be

reversed back to your account in T+ 3 working days.

Cancellation :

Cancellation or postponement of the ticket is not allowed.


Please verify with the theatre manager in case of any issues with partial order fulfillment.

Non receipt of order by email / SMS does not mean the order is not completed.

In case you have done a transaction and not received an email or sms then please login to the control pannel in the site by clicking login

and check out the status of order. You can take print out or send email from the site login panel if you have not recived the order.

If the customer visits the site and then go through the order process

but does not get the ticket confirmation. Such processess are incomplete.

If the order process is incomplete and print out is not issued to the customer then the order is not complete. For incomplete orders the

person has to get in touch with the theatre manager for issuance of order.

Orders :

All orders are valid for the show and should be taken from the

reservation counter at the cinema before the show time or time of show.

Identification :

Authenticity of the orders is varified by the identity of the person

and should be carried along with the order.

Merchant Wallet Charging :

All customers can charge their wallet using Merchant Wallet. Charge your

budgeted amount of cinema spending in the wallet. The amount in the

merchant wallet will be taken as advance for the merchant. To utilize

the amount charged in the wallet click on Merchant wallet when you reach

payment options. The amount will be deducted from the wallet against the order.

Advertising :

In case you want to advertise in the site, then you can approach the theatre manager.

Email to advertise@atrac.in or contact the theatre manager.

* Note: Theatre sends alert email to each customer who is registered

with the cinema for change of movies every week. Every time in the theatre

customer visits the site the advertisement will be visible to the customer.