Do I need to bring Identification Card along with the Voucher print out as my identification ?

Will I be issued the ticket without ID Card, and Voucher print out ?

Will the ticket be reserved for me till the end of the show time ?

Can I book tickets in advance for shows coming next week ?

Can I cancel tickets that are booked ?

When do I need to come to collect the ticket ?
Any time till the end of show.

Will the payment be refunded for a ticket which I have confirmed payment ?

Will there be refund of any payment for which I have not got ticket confirmation ?
Due to traffic in the network there would be one off cases which is a technical snag which arises from time to time, where the payment confirmations get delayed and money is deducted from your bank but we do not get the confirmation in time and in such cases we do not send you the confirmed ticket. In such cases we do refund the payment to your account. Orders fulfilled will not be refunded but will be honored.

If there is any technical error and I have not got the confirmation of Ticket what do I do ?
You need to send an email to support@atrac.in
Once you have send the email you can contact on phone : 0474-2222232
Technical Support Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Technical Support Time: 0930 Hrs: 1800Hrs
Rest Days: ( Sunday)